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Search The Big Opportunity for volunteer work overseas, gap year programs, language schools, adventure holidays, international internships, career breaks, study abroad programs, jobs and much more.

If you want to volunteer or even if you are just thinking about it and want to know more, then we are here to help. You can chat with or email any member of staff who can be contacted via our contacts page to view the many volunteering opportunities available within London and the surrounding areas. There’s lots to inform and inspire, so stay a while, have a look around and learn more about how volunteering changes lives!


The Big Opportunity

If you are an organisation that involves volunteers, or you are thinking of doing so, then we have loads of resources for you here on our website.

You can register with us to get our full range of support services, advertise your volunteering opportunities and register to be part of our Best Practice Award Scheme. To find out more, have a chat with or email any member of staff, we can be contacted via our contacts page or follow the links to download our Registration Forms.

What We Aim To Do:

  • encourage more young people to become involved in volunteering
  • make volunteering more accessible to everyone
  • ensure volunteers are welcomed and valued and are given guidance, training and support by those organisations that engage them
  • raise our standards so the impact of volunteering on individuals, organisations and communities can be measured and maximised

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